Month: December 2015

The nine-year-old solo refugee

by Malek Abo Kheer Only nine years old, but he crossed the Syrian-Turkish border alone A true story

I have become a bicycle thief in Holland

All my life, I heard people say that I can take people to the sea and bring them back thirsty… But then I went to Holland and found those who can take me and many Syrians to the sea and Read more …

I buried my daughter and continued to Sweden

“There was a lingering sense of fear inside her,” says the father, “She was sensing things before they happened. She was such a delicate girl. She was my heartbeat. At every barrier she was holding my hand tight, and as much as possible I tried to give her a sense of safety and reassure her that I am beside her. All I cared about was to get into Sweden and meet her brothers who went there ahead of us.”

Can anyone hear me?

by Malek Abo Kheer Bring back my husband.. Bring back my heart Every day she writes him posts on her Facebook page, as if he is following her news feed, in an attempt to forget that he is in the Syrian Read more …

Victim of diabetes at 16

by Malek Abo Kheer Diabetes struck me… And I’m sixteen years old only The title of this article is Painful. It may be normal for a reader who is used to the scenes of the Syrian tragedy, but for me, it Read more …