75 girls fall victims of human trafficking in Lebanon

Translated by: Rwaida Matar On 31st/03/2016 the general directorate for the Internal Security in Lebanon  announced catching a group of people contains the most dangerous network for human trafficking in Lebanon, and could free 75 girls, most of them Syrians.

It was Zahran Alloush who abducted My Sister Razan Zeitouneh

Razan Zeitouneh was Abducted by Zahran Aloush, leader of the Islamic Militia….and upon him lies her fate.  13/12/2015   By Malek Abo Kheer A few days ago I was talking to Razan through email, she asked me to write an article Read more …

The Sons of Suwayda Put Their Lives on The Line, Refusing To Serve In The Regime’s Forces

By Rayan Muhammad    29/11/2015 Despite all the clashes which have occurred between the people of the city of Suwayda and the Security Service, the regime refuses to accept that the residents of the city do not want the security Read more …