I’m still alive

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Susan Ahmad

I am an ambitious young man, my name is Abdullah Al-Hafi. I’ve been working as a financial manager in a company, and I had my own life and writings. The sight of blood and death used to scare me, but now I work in picking up body parts and recovering victims’ corpses buried under the rubble.

I can’t forget that day in 2012 when Al-Assad’s forces were trying to break into Al Ghouta in Damascus countryside, and my younger brother went to participate in defending the city. I stood seeing off my little brother whom I felt had grown surprisingly. Before leaving, he asked me to take care of my mother and our brothers. He was injured in the battles, and died before medical help reached him. Without as much as a thought, I carried his body to our mother.

Although we lived only a few minutes from Damascus in the besieged Al Ghouta, my biggest dream became to go to the city. I couldn’t wait for the siege to be lifted, so I decided to make my dream come true. I started teaching in school and working in civil activities and relief work where I saw wonders.

I won’t go into the details of our daily suffering, but you should know at least some of what we were going through here.

Untitled-14-672x372The events of a typical day that in east Ghouta included Al-Assad fighters raiding a site in Hamoria City, leaving a family of six  under the rubble, while a fighter targeted a residential area in Douma, so I had to go accompanied by another person to help there.
We were on a motorcycle because ambulances were not available, and on our way to rescue survivors, the fighter shelled again near us. We could turned into shreds, but we were lucky and survived miraculously.

There is more to life than its dark side, for there are moments you feel that you are still alive. After 6 hours of hardwork in Douma to recover the bodies of the family, and after we lost hope of finding anyone alive, we heard a crying voice. We dug with all our strength until we found a little girl under two collapsed roofs. She was 4 years old and she wasn’t injured. When she saw the light she started screaming and breathing in deeply, I felt that I came back to life again.

Gentlemen, I don’t regret my participation in the revolution, and don’t you think that I lost! Actually, I gained. I gained myself. I am Abdullah!

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