This is my life, and this is my pain, I am a Kurdish syrian refugee

By Lava Khaled I forcibly left everything behind, and took the difficult roads towards Kurdistan in Iraq fleeing the regime which was after me due to my participation in the revolution, protests and organisation of youth movements. I was also Read more …

Chemical Weapons almost turned us into figures

Information Office of Moadamieh City  I rushed to my children’s room like a madman, I was screaming to wake them up. My voice was like a warning siren that rang all over the house, for the shell that hit the Read more …

Doctor on crutches: We’ll stay here

Kholod Hadaq He was arrested on 30/4/2011 and after he got out, he went back to his work in Al-Assad University Hospital as an Anesthetist. However, his pro-regime colleagues started annoying him, so he submitted his resignation and devoted himself Read more …

Ahmad Meslmani … A Syrian Child killed under torture

By Kholoud Hadaq The black Wednesday 23/3/2011, Ahmad Meslmani witnessed the death of his brother Shadi. Shadi was holding an olive branch in the day of the demonstrations called “Supporting Daraa”, but the security forces shot at the protesters killing Read more …

Syrian Reaches Sweden, Wins Medals

By Safwan Khateen   12/12/2015 Despite the conditions of war and displacement which have exhausted most Syrians in the country, in countries of refuge Syrian men have been able to prove themselves and achieve success.

I was born out of my dead mother

By Khlood Hadaq   21/12/2015 I do not know who I am or what my name is. I only know that I was born from a martyr’s womb, and since my first cry they have mournfully called me an “Orphan”.

I buried my daughter and continued to Sweden

“There was a lingering sense of fear inside her,” says the father, “She was sensing things before they happened. She was such a delicate girl. She was my heartbeat. At every barrier she was holding my hand tight, and as much as possible I tried to give her a sense of safety and reassure her that I am beside her. All I cared about was to get into Sweden and meet her brothers who went there ahead of us.”

The nine-year-old solo refugee

by Malek Abo Kheer Only nine years old, but he crossed the Syrian-Turkish border alone A true story

I have become a bicycle thief in Holland

All my life, I heard people say that I can take people to the sea and bring them back thirsty… But then I went to Holland and found those who can take me and many Syrians to the sea and Read more …

Can anyone hear me?

by Malek Abo Kheer Bring back my husband.. Bring back my heart Every day she writes him posts on her Facebook page, as if he is following her news feed, in an attempt to forget that he is in the Syrian Read more …