Chemical Weapons almost turned us into figures

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Information Office of Moadamieh City

 I rushed to my children’s room like a madman, I was screaming to wake them up. My voice was like a warning siren that rang all over the house, for the shell that hit the neighborhood emanated a yellowish gas. My intuition was right. I knew it was a chemical weapon. The window at m children’s room was opened so I was horrified. What if they inhaled the chemical gas? I started screaming to wake up my wife and my parents.

Images of Al Ghouta people after being hit with chemical bombs were the first scenes that came to my mind. I was afraid of seeing my children lying on the ground frothing from the mouth. With every image I was screaming louder and louder. The entire neighborhood heard me. I was yelling: “Chemical weapons! Wake up people! They hit us with a chemical weapon”.

Untitled-9-300x225I couldn’t bear the situation when I saw my children in their room frothing from the mouth one after the other. The gas reached them before me. They were like birds slaughtered in their cages. I hurried to carry them out of the room. I put Mohamed and Karam on my shoulders, then I carried my daughter Jodi, and my wife entered to carry the other two kids. I’m a father of five children, and I live with my parents and my sister at the same house.

We got out of the house, but we all have inhaled the gas.

Untitled-10-300x166The cry of the people was more than any screaming in the world. Some of them fell on the ground and were frothing from the mouth, while most of the elderly died instantly as their lungs couldn’t bear the gas. Among them were my parents. My father couldn’t get up from his bed despite all my mother’s efforts to help him. She inhaled the gas but she refused to leave my father though she could’ve saved herself. She held my father’s hand and died next to him for she had never left him all her life and she accompanied him even in death.

While we were walking, the symptoms of inhaling the chemical gas began to appear on my wife and me, we started gasping and breathing with difficulty. I became unable to stand on my feet or carry my children or even to carry myself. My wife fell down with our two kids and her head started bleeding as she hit the ground.

I tried to help her but I fell down, too, and I felt the foam coming out of my mouth just like my wife and children. Then I couldn’t see anything but a young man heading towards us like an angel. He helped us to get to the field hospital.

Untitled-112-300x166They did their best to save us, we were lying everywhere in the hospital which was just a medical point. It barely could treat the injuries of the normal shells, let alone a chemical weapon attack.

Most of the injured were kids; for their little bodies couldn’t resist the poison and they died immediately. The elderly too, most of them died before arriving to the hospital.

As a family, we all survived that distress, we all woke up from that horrible nightmare. We couldn’t recognize each other for a whole month because we all were suffering from the same symptoms of the poison.

And today, every one of us has a different illness because of the chemical gas that we inhaled. Now Jodi, my daughter is wearing contact lenses, and Mohamed is suffering from difficulty in walking for the poison had increased the symptoms of a neurological disease he had suffered from previously. My hair is falling, and my wife has is paranoid because of pregnancy, after she heard about fetal abnormalities resulting from chemical poisons. Karam, however, had a different story. He started speaking although prior to the attack we thought he was nonverbal.

Ahmad told me that despite everything that happened to him and his family: “I don’t mind to live that same story again if it was the day of Al-Assad regime’s end. We were almost counted among casualties, but instead we were counted among injuries.

“Today I got rid of the number curse, turning it into a story that must be heard all around the world so that everyone knows what’s happening here.”

Date of the chemical attack: 21/8/2013

Place: Moadamieh City.

There is a file of kids photos during their injury with the chemical poison and after they have convalesced attached with this article.

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