Testimony from Jail

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This is a testimony written by a detainee after spending a long period inside the prisons of the Syrian Regime’s security department. In this testimony he documents some of his observations during his imprisonment.

This testimony was written by the detainee “N. Sh” after his arrival to one of the civilian (non-military) prisons, where all the detainees were moved after the interrogation. In these prisons the detainee restores a margin of humane treatment.

Ultimately, it’s only a chapter of the torture that occur in prisons and detention centers of Al-Assad regime. We attached with this certification an image of the hand written paper which had been written by the detainee.

“This prisoner was arrested while he was on his way to buy some bread, after he had promised his kids a meal of fava beans. They arrested him just to complete the number of fifty detainees which the head of their department had ordered. And after three months of fear and expectations, they took him for interrogation late at night. Abu Al Majd never came back. In the morning, we had to jump over a dead body to go out to the toilets, and we discovered that it was his. He couldn’t bear the torture. We had to jump over his body under the threat of beatings from the jailer.

Untitled-5-672x372They enter the hell of the detention centers as healthy young men, and after torture sessions they turn to bluish-swollen creatures. Moreover, hunger changes their bodies and they remain just fragile bones and skin. Space limitation prevents them from sleep, despair squeezes them, their minds leave them; they turn into new creatures to fit this abyss. Their minds can’t bear the pressure of the prison so they lose interest in their personal hygiene. They refuse eating, and because of the limitation of the space they jump over the bodies of one another. Some of us feel pity for them, and others remain silent, for they know that they would leave soon wrapped with blankets. Some may hasten our salvation. Here, survival is for the strongest only.”

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